Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

If you guys have never heard of Vegan Cuts, they are a vegan company, like a market place, that has monthly subscription boxes both the snack box and the vegan beauty  box. You can also go to their online store to purchase awesome items at a discounted price.

The beauty box specifically, has 4-7 items (ALL VEGAN and cruelty free!). The subscription is $ 19.95 a month and in my opinion, its very well worth it for the amount of products you get which almost always are more expensive than 19.95 overall.

So this lovely company  was kind enough to contact me and ask if I would review one of their beauty boxes on my blog and of course I said yes and anxiously awaited its arrival.

-Heres a look of what was inside


And look at this adorable saying on the front:

DSC_0058 2

I thought it was so sweet how the products were packaged and how neatly everything was placed. There were so many products I couldn’t wait to try them!


The Facial Moisturizer: This smelt so good! It made my skin feel so smooth and very evenly. The cream wasn’t oily at all, which was really great because lets face it…Who likes cream that makes their face look all oily and sweaty?

The Vegan Lash Mascara: This was probably my favorite product out of the whole box. I don’t have vegan mascara because Its far too expensive and I don’t use it so when I saw this I got so happy. It works so well, I can’t even begin to explain. Gives you eyelashes tons of volume and length and I definitely recommend this product.

Jojoba Oil: I used this at night on my face and it left my skin feeling so smooth.

Sagga Charcoal Face Cleanser: This product was absolutely amazing. I felt it really cleansed my face at night and it felt great “treating” myself to a little face mask before bed. We all need those nightly face masks after a hard week am I right?

The Body Scrub: This was a little sample of body scrub and as soon as I opened it the smell definitely won me over. Its smells like essential oils and works like a charm to get rid of dead skin.

Last but not least, Jojoba Gentle Cleansing Balm: I used this at night before bed to get rid of my makeup and it works really well. I rinse it off with warm water and usually follow it up with the Jojoba oil or the moisturizer.

My overall opinion, This beauty box was amazing and I definitely recommend it! I loved each and every product and it was so nice to get to try things that I never have before. Check out Vegan Cuts to purchase your first box if you are interested! I can’t say enough things about this awesome company.

Thank  you guys so much for sending me such a lovely box with goodies I get to use daily!




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