I’m Back!

Hello friends…Its been a hot minute since I posted last and I’m extremely sorry for that. I suppose life got into the way and I didn’t have time to much much on here anymore.

But I am back and I’m ready to begin my blogging journey 🙂 I thought I would give you all a little update of what I’ve been up too and what my plans are for this blog.

Since we last spoken I have gotten my yoga teacher training certificate and am now a certified yoga instructor! I also have finally chosen my career path and have decided to enter the nutrition & dietetics field. I found myself going back and fourth between majoring in nutrition for quite some time and I’m finally listening to my intuition and going with my gut. Next year I will hopefully transfer to a new college that has a dietetics major. I am very excited for this 🙂 On the other hand, I have gotten into more strength training and weight lifting which has been super exciting and very inspiring to see my body change and my muscles start to grow.

So my plans for this blog are to get back to posting more about fitness/recipes/daily thoughts/workouts/recovery/reviews. A spew of it all! Let me know what you guys are interested in 🙂 I’m back for good!DSC_0069



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