North Coast Organics Review


A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to receive two awesome products to review from North Coast Organics. I got to try out Death By Lavender and Revolver, both vegan, organic and not tested on animals. I was super excited to see a new vegan deodorant. In the past, I have tried countless deodorants that work for the first hour until they ware off, leaving me trying to remember if I deodorized in the morning. I began to get lazy of going to the store and grabbing another deodorant that won’t work, so I just began using coconut oil. Which don’t get me wrong, worked, but didn’t have the smell I wanted.


This right here, has coconut oil as a main ingredient but is also paired with essential oils and other ingredients to make sure your smelling fresh! Instantaneously, I could smell the aroma of essential oils when I opened it up. A vegan deodorant that smells good and works? Yes, it has finally been made. It glides on smoothly and leaves you fresh for hours. If your sweating a lot during the day, I would recommend throwing this in your bag and reapplying just to make sure your covered. My favorite part about this deodorant are the simple list of ingredients that you can actually read. I’m a sucker for a short ingredient list. Its really important to me to keep what goes in me vegan, but to also make sure I’m keeping every aspect of my life cruelty free. These deodorants are my favorite of all that I have tried. North Coast Organics have come up with the secret formula to save us all. f you haven’t tried this yet go get your hands on it. I swear by this product and I’m sure you will too! 


I mean even look at the cute sticker 🙂


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