Go Raw Vegan Granola Bowl



The sun has been shining and its so lovely to finally see the light again. Although, yesterday I got blown into school by a wind storm. Our weather here in New York has been hectic. One day its 65 the next its 15. Crazy. But soon (hopefully) it will be summer, and then I will no longer have to use frozen berries anymore. Getting to the meal…Sometimes I’m in a mood for something quick and easy with little time or effort. In this case granola with fresh ripened bananas, berries and kiwi sounded like a go too. 


The granola I’m using here is Go Raw’s Apple Cinnamon Granola. Their products are out of this world if you want something tasty and good for you at the same time! This granola tastes like an apple crisp pie with chunks of dried apples, buckwheat, and flax sweetened with dates and a ton of wonderful spices that bring it all together. I got lazy and decided instead of making my own buckwheat granola I could cheat a little. Since I had no almonds to make fresh almond milk I had to improvise. Heres what I came up with..


Raw Granola (homemade is idea! I’ll have a recipe coming soon)


Fresh or frozen berries

Any other fruit of choice

Dates to sweeten “Milk”

Lucuma powder or Vanilla bean

Goji Berries 


1. Place your granola in a bowl

2. Slice up your fruit and throw it in

3. To make the “milk” blend 2-3 frozen bananas with dates for sweetness and lucuma/vanilla bean powder

4. Top with goji berries and cinnamon if you’d like

Thats it! As simple as that. The milk is so creamy and frothy and it compliments the other fruits so well. It leaves you satisfied and feeling good. This is such an easy meal/snack that you could even take on the go and just pack the “milk” in a bottle. Yum! Hope you all enjoy! I know I will be having this again soon…or everyday.



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