Crazy for Acai

Crazy for Acai

The superfood Acai, has tons of antioxidants, aids in increased energy, is said to increase metabolism and much more. Acai is a berry native to South and Central America. If you have never tried it, they are delicious. Especially in my favorite, the Acai Bowl.

How to Create the Tradition Acai Bowl
What you need-

  • 1 Acai Packet ( I used Sambazon as they are my favorite, which I buy at Whole Foods)
  • Frozen Bananas (the more the thicker)
  • Any other frozen fruit
  • Toppings (coconut sugar, mixed fruit, superfoods..)
  • As much water or coconut water

First you blend the frozen acai, frozen bananas and frozen mixed fruit. Here I blended it with coconut water, but you can use apple juice, orange juice or just water.
Then after I blended this I put it in a bowl and then my favorite part. TOPPINGS!

Here I used mulberry crumbles from Navitas Naturals (which I will be doing a review on some of their products soon). Mulberries are my new favorite superfoods that taste like yummy oatmeal cookies. I also topped this with Golden Berries, also from Navitas Naturals and fresh strawberries.

So simple and so many combinations! Don’t you just want a bite?


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